Baldness Basics: First Steps

Did you find out recently that you are losing your hair? If so, before you proceed further, make sure you are doing the following:

FIRST STEPS you should take at the first signs of baldness:

  1. Put away that brush and start using a comb (brushes can weaken hair, causing it to fall out)
  2. Be very gentle with your hair no matter what you are doing. Stop scratching your scalp even when you are puzzled or thinking deeply.
  3. Do not use caps, hats and other restrictive head gear.
  4. Be very knowledgeable about the shampoos and other chemicals you apply to hair. Talk to your hairdresser or a Trichologist (hair doctor).
  5. If you are contemplating a rigorous hair care regimen, be sure to read up a lot on everything about baldness and hair re-growth.
  6. Handle wet hair with extra care.
  7. Keep hair short to minimize hair loss due to pulling and stress on scalp and existing hair.
  8. Take up a healthy diet rich in protein, iron and other supplements. Consult a dietician if necessary.
  9. Above all, maintain a positive outlook and be patient when undergoing treatment for hair loss. Only surgical hair transplantation shows immediate results and that is because hair has been moved from another part of your body, to your scalp. Other methods, especially effective creams and pills, can take several months before any change is noticed.
Source: IRB Clinical Study
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I ordered a three months supply (as a test) and have noticed a real improvement in thickness, texture and growth. I am 71 and I expect to lose some hair, however this product has stopped and reversed the hair loss. I have ordered a six month supply this time.
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I'm now on my fifth bottle of Procerin and I couldn't be happier. Having been an avid gardener for many years, I have a trained eye for noticing minute changes in growth patterns. My hairline is staring to come back to where it was years ago. It's great to see little hairs sprouting, and getting longer and darker. When I first started taking your product, I was a bit skeptical and had some questions which were answered promptly by your support. Delivery was also lightning fast and hassle free.
Alvaro M. Madrid, Spain