Baldness Cures

As such, there is not yet any cure for baldness, but there are various means of treating baldness and hair loss, and the symptoms associated with hair loss, both physical and psychological, in both the reversible as well as the irreversible forms.

The methods adopted to address this ubiquitous condition of baldness or hair loss that affects both men and women are many and range from the topical to the surgical. These incorporate medicines that are natural, herbal, synthetic, and even cosmetic depending upon the condition and stage of hair loss and baldness.

Natural herbal and mineral supplements like Procerin have achieved commendable results among males suffering from male pattern baldness. Minoxidil has shown results in 20-25% of female population affected by female pattern baldness.

Natural supplements have proved to be safer than some synthetic counterparts as they have no side effects and come packaged with DHT blockers and rich vitamin and mineral supplements. Some medications like Finasteride have been noticed to have unpleasant side effects.

The secret to controlling hair loss and baldness is in detecting it early. A competent hair restoration specialist can not only determine the exact cause of hair loss but based on his observations he can suggest the right combination therapy to achieve the maximum result in the shortest time.

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I have used this product going on four months now. Before I started using your product I was balding around the hairline of my hair and was very disheartened about my appearance. I would do whatever I could to cover it up. I used many products that claimed to regrow your hair and non has worked until I found your product. My hairline is growing in very nicely and I am very pleased with the results. I don't have to hide my hairline anymore and this makes me very happy. Thank you for making such a wonderful product that works. - Darlene A.

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I have been on the Sephren system for 4 months and I have noticed that the hair I do have is staying and feeling much healthier and stronger. - Marilyn H.

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