Cure for Baldness in Women

Female pattern baldness is not considered a medical disorder and its effects are only cosmetic or above the surface. It is also not as common or as severe as male pattern baldness though the underlying cause is hormonal in both instances.

There is no cure as yet for pattern baldness in both men and women and there is also no way of preventing the onset of pattern baldness. The only thing is to consult a good hair restoration specialist or trichologist and adopt a hair care regimen that includes topical applications, pills and supplements to strengthen hair from inside and out and also give the body added resources to produce better, stronger and fuller hair.

In women, fortunately, the cause for hair loss and baldness is not always female pattern balding. In fact, Alopecia is far less common an occurrence in women than in the case of men.

Pregnancy, Post-Menopausal syndrome, illness, medications, anemia, stress related disorders, diet and nutrition play a greater role in hair loss in women. Getting treated for any of the above conditions after proper diagnosis could very well lead to reversal of hair loss in a short time span.

Even in the case of Alopecia or female pattern baldness, certain medications and measures can be adopted to slow down the process of hair loss and strengthen hair, as well as protect existing hair through better hair care.

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