Causes of baldness

Baldness occurs in both men and women, but it is more common in males. Causes for baldness include hereditary factors, aging, lifestyle, illness and trauma, burns and bad reactions to medications.


Not only do we resemble our aunts and uncles, we also share much of the same genetic makeup. If your aunts and uncles appear to have had hair loss issues in the past, there is a greater likelihood that you have the same gene. Genetic problems with hair loss are more difficult to treat, though not impossible.


As we age, the regenerative ability of the body declines. When cells die they are not replenished with the ease and regularity of an individual's youth. Follicular regeneration is no exception and also slows down. Over time, hair loss becomes greater than hair re-growth.


Illness wastes the body in many ways and also affects its ability to heal/re-grow and rejuvenate. Hair loss is often associated with illness and trauma.

Source: IRB Clinical Study
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Certain medications induce allergic reactions as well as other side effects that could result in hair loss and balding. Sometimes such symptoms are reversible, provided the medication is stopped before the hair loss becomes permanent.


Chemotherapy, part of the treatment for Cancer, results in severe hair shedding often causes total baldness. In most of these cases, however, the hair will grow back.

Hair Restoration

The good news is that most causes of hair loss can be treated and the hair loss itself can be totally reversed. Only a proper diagnosis can ascertain the real cause of balding, so a visit to a physician is advisable. Rarely is there a reason to assume the worst from your hair loss.

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